About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and advocate for a safe, healthy, and natural alternative medicine to traditional pharmaceuticals. 

We are proud to be able to provide such a high quality level of customer service along with our medical experience and a commitment to the health and wellness of all our patients.  

Our goal is to have you feeling better as quickly as possible. 


Our Vision

  At Nurses Station we envision a world that allows Cannabis and other natural therapies to be readily accessible and more socially acceptable.  And those who use, produce, and distribute these medicines will be free from legal and social repercussions. 


Our Experience and Professionalism

  We are the owners of Nurses Station and between the two of us we have over thirty years of nursing and emergency medicine experience. We have a wonderful team of Cannabis Nurse Assistants (CNA's) working with us to create a custom plan that's right for you.