Illuminating Your Path To Wellness

We pride ourselves on not only having high quality product but providing high quality care and service to each of our patients.


Quality Care


At the Nurses Station providing you with the best quality cannabis related products is our top focus. We are committed to working with trusted and vetted partners to ensure that you always receive the best. 

If you are searching for the right balance to help with feelings such as anxiety, depression, and anger or to offset the true physical pain that may be caused by injury, age, or disease we are here to help. 

We truly believe in the healing powers of the Cannabis plant and our bodies biological system capable of interacting with its active chemical compounds like THC. The Endocannabinoid System.

Let us help you find a reasonable and safe alternative to the traditional medicines typically thrown your way.  


Ask Us

Our team of nurses and Cannabis Nurse Assistants have been doing our homework and want to share the knowledge we've gained thus far. We are available to answer any questions that may arise so please, don't hesitate to Ask Us. 

We are here to consult with you and tailor a cannabis medication plan that fits your unique needs.

We provide only the highest quality, fully tested, and Oklahoma made products.


When you choose us, you will be rewarded with exceptional customer service and personalized loyalty programs to keep you coming back. We have discounts for seniors, veterans, and pediatric patients.

Along with loyalty points that you are eligible to earn with each purchase. 

Not to mention our daily Happy Hour specials just to say 

"Thank You for letting us be your light!"